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I personally love this book!

I have waited a long time, for someone to publish a book regarding Titanic's passengers and crew, and not just a basic list on the inside cover, or back cover of Titanic Books!

If you are looking to find a relative or someone who may have been on Titanic, this is the book you are looking for! The book not only gives the names of passengers and crew, but their ages (in most cases); where they lived; where they boarded; (their position as a crew member) or as a passenger and their class; whether they survived, or were lost, and more!

***This book is a must-have for Titanic enthusiasts!***

I endorse this book, and recommend it highly!

Norm Lewis

TITANIC: Passengers and Crew List

TITANIC: Passengers and Crew List
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Price: £7.20
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Item Code: Titanic

TITANIC: Passengers and Crew List

The tragic loss of the TITANIC, find out about the people on board at the time, this book is also a fantastic research document with lots of detail.

A brand new copy, and a great addition to any TITANIC collection. This book would make an excellent gift for a loved one.

LORDLINE BOOKS, are the main stockists and distributors of this book in the U.K.

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Description: This is an excellent book, which details the "Survivors" and those who "Lost their Lives" on that fateful night, April 14th-15th 1912 whilst on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. The details cover Full Name of both Passengers and Crew, Resident (or full postal address) Age, Class, Boarded and which Lifeboat used for the survivors. For those who lost their lives, both Passengers and Crew, this book includes the Full Name, Resident (or full postal address) Age, Class and location they boarded the TITANIC.

Card Cover, complete with 38 pages


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